Allow simplify manage animal clinic and hospitals

Convenient to the management of the OPD, storefront product sales, product inventory, accounts management

Show sales reports, sales, statistics, treatment cases

Quickly submit lab tests through the program

Product management can issue receipts, invoices, and invoices with just one click

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Able to register new or old customers by bringing the ID card to insert into the card reader. The system will automatically populate the information if there is no customer's ID card to fill/search customer information or pet names.

Ill Pets - OPD

It is information obtained from registration for treatment. The Counter can provide animal information such as weight, blood pressure and initial symptoms to submit information to the veterinarian.

Ill Pets - IPD

When the veterinarian diagnose and admits, pet information will come here.

Ill Pets - Overdue

The data is from Ill Pets - OPD or Ill Pets - IPD. or charity cases waiting for payment.

Buy and Service

For new customers or old customers who come to buy products that are not related to treatment, such as animal food, snacks, non-dangerous drugs, etc.

Pet Boarding

To able register to keep pets by filling in the owner's name, pet name, number of days to deposit pets or search for a pet that adopts. Make it easy to manage.

Receipt/Tax Invoice

Able look back and print receipts, deposit slips, tax invoices or canceled bills. Able to select the desired date and enter the bill number you want to search.

Appointment Calendar

For the counter to track customer appointments according to the customer's appointment counter and can choose to view the appointment book form to order the appointment letter retrospectively or choose to print all appointments.

Daily Ill Pets

Able to view ill pet on a daily basis, add an appointment, fill in the livestock, retrieve the animal and owner information, re-register and treat.

Medical Forms

It is a form that the program provides, such as a deposit slip, surgery slip, remittance slip. Able to click on the pet you want to fill out in the form. Select the desired form. The program will automatically fill in the pet's information and its owner and can make print orders.

Vet Alert

There is an alert system to inform the appointment of the pet owners to bring the pet for further treatment according to the specified date.

Vet Queue

It is a queue notification system for pet owners who waiting for treatment by connecting to the hospital's TV able show advertisements, queue numbers and examination rooms.


Treatment OPD

Get information from the counter, veterinarians can enter additional information in: PE, Investigate, DX, OR/Item, RX and Appointment.

Treatment IPD

If the veterinarian wants to admit ill pet able selected to be included in the list of Treatment IPD.

Treatment OD

It may be an ill pet that is still in the process of treatment or the payment has not completed, such as a donation case will show in the Treatment OD.

Treatment History

The veterinarian can view the complete medical history. The program will display information PE, Investigate, Dx, Tx, treatment, including information on drugs and products supplied to treatment pets.

Daily Treat

The veterinarian can view daily treatment history. The program will display the bill number, animal name, animal species, owner name, bill balance according to the date range that you want to see immediately.

Vaccine Card

The veterinarian can view the vaccine card. The program will display pet's name, HN., pet species, owner's name, phone number and can also view the date of vaccination and the next appointment.

Duty Table

The veterinarian can put their own veterinarians's schedule into the program and can also view the schedule of other veterinarians.


Item Type

To create a category or category of a product type before adding products to stock to distinguish each type of product, such as medicines, surgical products, and services.


Able to add product information into the program such as general information, stock prices, drug information properties of the drug or product.

Stock Management

Able to adjust the number set cost price or cut stock.


Able to add the supplier's information at the clinic or veterinary hospital to make regular purchases to make it easier to fill in the next time.

Item Unit

Determine the unit of the product able to set named by yourself, such as tablets, capsules, cc, tubes, bottles.

Master Data

Pet Register

Fill in the database to book a queue, registration, easier to find information next time.

Examination Room

Able to add and desired named such as Examination Room 1, Examination Room 2, Operating Room, X-ray Room, etc.


For viewing the pet owner's name, address, and mobile phone number so that the hospital can contact the owner of the animal. And can also add the name of the new pet owner.


To view the pet information added from the counter section and can also add new pet information.

Appointment Type

Create appointment names for easy appointments. by adding information Name, type of appointment and desired color. It will display these colors on the calendar of appointment hours. Separated into different colors according to the user's preferences.



Initial information about the clinic or hospital, such as infirmary name address, logo, phone, e-mail, the program will display this information on the receipt, deposit receipt, drug label and tax invoice. The program will store any contact information for necessary contact.


Add employee information to define user groups.

User Group

User grouping in order to limit rights in each user group such as the veterinarians can only do access to the veterinary job cannot access the warehouse, unable to manage stock.

User Login

Create user, password, and group to access the use of each user

Payment Type

Able to add the desired payment methods such as cash, credit card, coupons, money transfer, and can add other payment methods to the show on the checkout page.

Form Manage

Able to set all form pages in the program, such as drug labels, receipts, medical bills, appointment slips, deposit receipts, for example receipts want to have a logo or not? Which side of the infirmary names that to be aligned?, want to enter the address? It can set all settings from here.

DLD Form

It is a form that much infirmary are commonly used to send information to the Department of Livestock Development. which can add information in the Animal prophylaxis, Internal Medicine, Surgical treatment able to print the information to submit documents to the Department of Livestock Development in the next step.



Able to view all sales reports such as product sales, sales by type, monthly sales, doctor's sales, treatment expenses, tax reports, daily sales summary, monthly sales summary.

Stock and Expiration date

Show Item Stock, Cost Stock, Item Value, Stock Management, Item Expired in this program.

Data Export

Easy to export data as Excel, PDF or Print files.


Report for accounting. will consist of Expense , Sales Tax Report, Sales Type Report, Deposit Report, Stock Transection Report.

Service and Support

Installation of Equipment

It is a device that you can easily install or let our team install the device with the driver of Vet Manage.

User Manuals

There is a user manual in the pdf file or watch clips explaining the usage in various sections on YouTube.

Training and Workshop

Training using the program via online by Vet Manage team.

Ask the Support team

Help, answer questions, troubleshoot software and hardware applications.

Remote Access support

Professional team service ready to remote to solve problems such as solving problems using the program, drug label printer problems, receipt printer problems, ID card reader problems, etc.

Support Time

Monday - Saturday ( 08.00 - 17.00 )