Allow simplify manage animal clinic and hospitals

Convenient to the management of the OPD, storefront product sales, product inventory, accounts management

Show sales reports, sales, statistics, treatment cases

Quickly submit lab tests through the program

Product management can issue receipts, invoices, and invoices with just one click

We treat customers by heart

We never stop improving to give you the best


focus veterinary hospitals solution

The Vet Manage program is the most responsive animal healthcare management program. We strive to improve on the needs of our customers and technologies that make its use easier to use. Satisfy our customers in both software and hardware packages according to the suitable package.

  • Vet Manage Software
  • Vet Manage Hardware
  • Cloud Solution
  • Interfaces
  • Support Minds



Fill in the database to used to book queues, registration, ID number, pet name, date of birth, species, various symptoms.


The veterinarians can draw and write into the program and easily store information and diagnosis.

Laboratory Examination

Veterinarians can quickly submit lab tests through the Vet Manage program.

Product Management

Creating categories, stock arrangements, product types, distributors, pharmaceuticals, equipment can issue receipts, tax invoices hassle-free with just one click.

Administrative Management

This program shows reports sales, increased sales, service usage statistics each week, including each physician's treatment case.

Data Security

We treat customers by heart, and we guarantee fast and powerful support.

We will develop it into an animal healthcare management program that best meets the needs.

by our Thai developer team

Type Of Software

Animal Hospital

Animal Clinic

Pet Hotel

Pet Shop

Vet Manage Hardware

Vet Manage Device

Devices compatible with the VET MANAGE program for small, medium and large veterinary clinics

  • Vet Sticker Printer
  • Label 5070 mm.
  • Thermal Printer 80 mm.
  • Receipt Paper 80 mm.
  • Vet Cam
  • Cash Drawer 9 slot 48.547.516.5 cm.
  • Cash Drawer 13 slot 515115 cm.
  • Smart Card Reader
  • Barcode Scanner


12,800 Baht

For small hospitals
only 1 user

  • - Free Installation

  1. Record Item : 1,500
  2. Record Pet : 3,000
  3. Storage : 500 MB


48,800 Baht

For small and medium hospitals
only 1-10 users

  • - Free Installation
  • - Free Training
  1. Record Item : 3,000
  2. Record Pet : 10,000
  3. Storage : 2 GB

59,800 Baht

For medium hospitals
only 5 users

  • - Free Installation
  • - Free Training
  1. Record Item : 10,000
  2. Record Pet : 30,000
  3. Storage : 4 GB

148,000 Baht

For large hospitals
Support unlimited users and have many executives

  • - Free Installation
  • - Free Training
  1. Record Item : 20,000
  2. Record Pet : 100,000
  3. Storage : 8 GB

188,000 Baht
( Branch 68,800 Baht )

For large hospitals that have many branches
Supports unlimited users and administrators

  • - Free Installation
  • - Free Training
  1. Record Item : 40,000
  2. Record Pet : 300,000
  3. Storage : 16 GB

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